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- A bath and dry consists of a full health check, blasting to remove dead hair, shampooing with full body massage, cleaning of ears / eyes and a blow dry. Prices for the above start at £35 - A full groom consists of all the above plus trimming, clipping or hand stripping to achieve the desired finish. - A puppy introduction groom comprises a wash, dry and tidy up of face, feet and sanitary areas and starts at £35 - Nails are trimmed at no extra cost if part of a full groom, otherwise the one-off fee is £15 *NEW* - Ultrasonic teeth cleaning: We now offer this service as a stand-alone fifteen minute appointment or as part of a grooming session. There is an initial fee of £10 to cover the cost of an individual tooth brush head allocated to that particular dog. We then charge £15 per teeth cleaning session. For advantages to regular teeth cleaning please see our home page. - Prices listed are base rates for dogs in reasonable condition. Matted coats require more work, and are more demanding on grooming tools, therefore an extra charge of between £7.50 and £15 will be incurred to cover sharpening costs and time taken.
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